Spiritual Love

“Therefore, spiritual love will prove successful insofar as it commends Christ to the other in all that it says and does. It will not seek to agitate another by exerting all too personal, direct influence or by crudely interfering in one’s life. It will not take pleasure in pious, emotional fervor and excitement. Rather, it will encounter the other with the clear word of God and be prepared to leave the other alone with this word for a long time. It will be willing to release others again so that Christ may deal with them. It will respect the other as the boundary that Christ establishes between us; and it will find full community with the other in the Christ who alone binds us together.

“This spiritual love will thus speak to Christ about the other Christian more than to the other Christian about Christ. It knows that the most direct way to others is always through prayer to Christ and that love of the other is completely tied to the truth found in Christ.”

—Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Life Together
(emphasis mine)


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Love

  1. Dale Workman says:


    You know that I appreciate you as a sister in Christ, but you must know (even if you don’t hear it often) that you are greatly used by God for His glory! Even this post that I read today is God’s way of speaking to my heart about concerns in my own family. I do realize that God loves them and cares for them more than I do, but my nature wants to take care of things my way…of course the way things should be done. Haha. Continuing to pray for you and Steve thanking God for such great use of your gifts in blessing others…at the moment, especially me. You are greatly loved!

    dale workman

    community grace brethren church

    long beach, ca


    • deborahdwise says:

      Dale, thanks so much. Your words were SO so encouraging. It’s been far too long since we were in CA and enjoyed your friendship and the dear folks at your church. We got word of Bill’s passing—such a loss. God bless you in your faithful ministry there.

  2. Carol Soto says:

    Wow! I just started “Reading the Bible with the Damned” which is about bible study/reading with marginalized people. Your post speaks to another essential component to that outreach. Thanks, Deb!

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