“It is necessary, then, that each man should first of all find in the Scriptures that he, through being entangled in the love of this world—i.e. of temporal things—has been drawn far away from such a love for God and such a love for his neighbor as Scripture enjoins. Then that fear which leads him to think of the judgment of God, and that piety which gives him no option but to believe in and submit to the authority of Scripture, compel him to bewail his condition. For the knowledge of a good hope makes a man not boastful, but sorrowful. And in this frame of mind he implores with unremitting prayers the comfort of the Divine help that he may not be overwhelmed in despair, and so he gradually comes to the fourth step—that is, strength and resolution—in which he hungers and thirsts after righteousness.”

—St. Augustine, On Christian Doctrine


3 thoughts on “Progression

  1. Esther says:

    Augustine has a lot of good stuff.
    My mind is full of Francis Schaeffer’s Trilogy. It really speaks to me in today’s world. It helps me so much with understanding how our culture thinks today.

    • deborahdwise says:

      Yes! I am blown away by how relevant Augustine’s writing is to life today. I have a reading list of “classics” lined up for this year (which is why I am reading Augustine), and Francis Schaeffer’s trilogy is on the list. Thanks for the encouragement; now I am even more eager to get to it!

  2. jlbrooks99 says:

    I just finished Schaeffer’s trilogy with a group of women who meet together and discuss the things we are reading. What a blessing for me! I would have struggled to get through these books on my own.
    They are wonderfully relevant and greatly helpful in understanding what is going on in our culture today.

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